Piano Deco Volume I: Adirondack Sketches
Eastwood Lane:
Persimmon Pucker
Adirondack Sketches (suite)
Five American Dances (suite)
Sea Burial
Girl On Tiptoe
Bix Biederbecke:
In a Mist
In the Dark
Davenport Blues
Rube Bloom:
Piano Deco Volume II: Moods of a New Yorker
Eastwood Lane:
The Blue-Robed Mandarins
Abelard and Heloise
Little Boys Sail Little Boats
Here are Ladies! (suite)
Knee High To a Grasshopper
Summer Glow
Fourth of July (suite)
Rube Bloom:
Southern Charms
Southern Memories
Song of the Bayou
Zez Confrey:
Moods of a New Yorker (suite)
Poor Buttermilk
Piano Deco Volume III: You Tell 'Em, Ivories
Eastwood Lane:
Lady Jane Grey
Sold Down the River (suite)
Caravan from China
In Sleepy Hollow (suite)
Calm Lake and Quiet Lovers
Rube Bloom:
Spring Fever
A Stately Mansion
Spring Holiday
Tale of the Samovar
Waterfall Serenade
That Futuristic Rag
Zez Confrey:
Three Little Oddities (suite)
You Tell 'Em, Ivories